Desert Platforms Medical Device Consultancy Launches New Website

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Desert Platforms Medical Device Consultancy is proud to announce the unveiling of their new website,, and associated public debut in the medical device space. As an established market leader in medical device innovation the company website will add another dimension to the Desert Platform’s arsenal by acting as a resource for medical device education, as a landing pad for those in search of medical device services, and as a portal for the exchange of medical device ideas and information.

The medical device industry is a complex regulated industry and the need for knowledge and education is vast. The Desert Platforms website aims to act as a resource for those in the industry by providing valuable information, links, and ideas. This education is built and verified (pun intended) on years of experience in the medical device industry. Desert Platforms has been a part of the endeavors of large multi-national corporations, physician sole proprietors, and start-ups. Each client profile has different goals and faces different challenges. The website aims to provide all those types of clients with information at every stage of development.

Additionally, the Desert Platforms website provides a helping hand for those who want to put theory to paper to build value and take action in the medical device space. The website’s Services page provides detailed information on the broad offerings that are available. Clients will find solutions when facing challenges in such varied areas as Research and Development, New Product Development and Introduction, Brainstorming, Medical Device Testing, Design Controls, Quality Engineering (Verification, Validation, and Sustaining), Process Engineering (Manufacturing Process Creation and Equipment Validation), Project Management, Product Management, Medical Device Strategy, and User Needs Gathering to name a few. No project is too big or too small, no technology too difficult, and each client’s unique needs are paramount to ensuring success. Desert Platforms’ goal is to always be the partner you love to see on your side of the table.

Clients of Desert Platforms already know the support they receive in the real world is unparalleled and with the launch of the website’s portal feature this support is extending into the virtual world.  The client portal is an accelerator to success where all client documentation, computer-aided design files, and other solutions may be accessed easily and at any time from any location around the world. Each account is password protected and unique ensuring privacy while facilitating goal realization for the client.

Please visit the website at Enjoy your time on the site and please contact Desert Platforms if you’d like to learn more or make a suggestion, request a proposal for a medical device need, or create a client account via our online portal. Desert Platforms Medical Device Consultancy is excited you share the same passion for the medical device craft and looks forward to collaborating with you soon!

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